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Wednesday October 11, 2017 at 4:37pm

As we approach Halloween and the weather turns, why not look to Wovenhill to store your logs by the fire, to handle your winter laundry loads or to de-clutter your home for the season. Whatever you use your baskets and storage trunks for, Wovenhill has one to suit you. Our baskets have been used for many things from toy baskets to hot-air-balloon props! Send us pictures of your Wovenhill purchases in-situ and we will re-post them on our Facebook page!

Why not take a look at the range of beautiful ‘superNATURAL’ materials we use for our indoor products and find their relative ranges below…


Willow is a natural material which grows near water in temperate climates. Our willow baskets display the beauty of this material as well as showing off its strength and durability, it is able to be woven into shape because it is reasonably flexible. Most of our willow (also called wicker) products are available in Bronze and Grey but some also come in White and Natural colour. See our willow range here.      


Kubu rattan is another species of Rattan that grows abundantly in the Indonesian forests of Kalimantan, Sumatra and many other areas. It is white/beige when dried and is further processed to be used as weaving materials. Kubu rattan can be naturally stained to reach a grey colour known as Kubu grey. Our range of Kubu products is one of our largest, and for good reason; we love the variety of styles Kubu allows us to achieve in our storage solutions. Have a look at our Kubu range here.


As the name suggests, natural seagrass grows and is found in marine environments in shallow water around coastal areas. It is a strong, durable material; our seagrass pieces have a ‘beachy’ rustic feel ideal for any home. The natural fibres really make our seagrass range pieces shine as beautiful and unique products. Check out our Seagrass, Burford or Claverdon ranges. ­­

Water Hyacinth

Water hyacinth is a beautiful and unique-looking material which is very strong and durable. It can withstand heat and is perfect for conservatories, sun rooms and other indoor uses. As with all of our natural rattan, however, it is not weatherproof and should not be used outside. Our water hyacinth range is vast and popular among our loyal customers. Take a look at our Buttermere, Loxley, Marlow, Milton or Stow ranges to see water hyacinth at its best.    


Bamboo is a favourite among our customers as it is known for being the ultimate strong, natural material. Bamboo has extremely high compressive and tensile strength and is used for many purposes; even as building materials. However, we prefer it for our beautiful log baskets which we complete with handles, wheels and a removable jute liner. See our Bamboo range here.

Let us know which material is your favourite and don't forget to follow us and tag our products on social media so we can see that they are being enjoyed! Search 'Wovenhill' or 'Wovenhill Rattan' to find us...

Friday August 25, 2017 at 9:41am

As the temperature tumbles back down from being a little bit cold to…cold, you may be wondering why you’d come and visit us during the autumn and winter. Whether that means popping just outside of Stratford-Upon-Avon to our showroom or exploring our website…

Here at Wovenhill we don’t just supply you with beautiful all-weather outdoor rattan furniture, we also have an extensive range of wicker storage solutions, baskets and rattan accessories which are both stylish and affordable.

We urge you this Autumn to #thinkoutsidethebasket and welcome a beautiful set of 3, an Oval Harbury or a basket for laundry into your home and see just how versatile and modern rattan can be inside your home, as well as out. If you’re struggling to decide, here are a few of our best sellers with their suggested uses… However, don’t forget to #thinkoutsidethebasket and if you have a particularly interesting use for your basket/s, do send us a picture on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages!





Set of 2 Square Willow Storage Baskets in Bronze

These baskets are sturdy and beautifully designed for style and fucntionality. With a large enough capacity for dozens of DVDs, tons of toys or plenty of bits and pieces, they make a great additions to your existing shelves or units. The dimensions are reasonably standard to ensure our customers can use these baskets in conjunction with other furniture; they're a great addition to storage areas that looks untidy or busy. The Bronze colour compliments white furniture particularly well however the baskets are also available in White, Natural and Grey.


Wicker Large Square Log Basket in Grey

This gorgeous basket in large is more than ?big enough for an evening's firewood, however it is also very popularly used as a toy basket and general storage basket. The removable lining means this basket can hold logs without dropping bark or dirt onto your floor and it's velcro attachment means the lining can be easily cleaned and replaced. Available in a more rustic Bronze colour or a sleek mmodern Grey Wash, this basket suits both modern and ?more traditional homes. Store in style and save money as this Large Basket ?at only £46.