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What is Water Hyacinth?

Water Hyacinth guide

Water Hyacinth (Eicchornia Crassipes)
are free-flowing aquatic plants of South American origin are collected, dried and plaited/weaved onto durable hardwood frames providing beautiful easy-to-maintain furniture with an excellent eco-friendly solution.

Water Hyacinth grows up to three feet in height, and has thick, waxy, rounded, glossy leaves which rise well above the water surface on stalks. The leaves are broadly ovate to circular, 4 to 8 inches in diameter, with gently incurved sides, often undulate. Leaf veins are dense, numerous, fine and longitudinal. Water Hyacinth leaf stalks are bulbous and spongy. Water hyacinth grows an erect thick stalk (to 20 inches long) at the top of which is a single spike of several (8 to 15) flowers. The flowers have 6 petals, purplish blue or lavender to pinkish, the upper petals with yellow, blue-bordered central splotches. Water Hyacinth reproduces vegetatively by short runner stems (stolons) that radiate from the base of the plant to form daughter plants, and also reproduce by seed. Its roots are purplish black and feathery.

Water Hyacinth thrives in slow-moving, nutrient-enriched freshwater, and can be found in small wetlands, ditches, shallow lakes, slow-moving rivers and canals. It does not tolerate salinity or temperatures below 55 F.

Water Hyancith has been termed the new successor to traditional wicker, rattan or weaved furniture and a refreshing alternative to fabric furniture. Our exclusively designed furniture is very distinctive, mellow and easy to live with and is suitable for every room in your home, however it is not suitable for all weather outside use.

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